Knight In The Area Episode #15 Anime Review

And so, we have the match that will decide who gets to qualify to represent Kanagawa in the inter-school tournaments. It’s going to be tough, since Tsujidou is a very tricky side, thanks to their coach, Uryuu.

The match proves to be exceptionally annoying for Enoshima, as Tsujidou is very skilled, in a completely cheap and graceless way. It’s all deception and sneak maneuvers, not true skill, though the show makes a big deal at half time about how strong and skilled they are. They also play dirty to a certain extent, but that’s hardly unexpected. Hints were dropped all along that Tsujidou’s team looked like delinquents or hooligans (even their cheering section looks like the cast of some bad movie centered on a high school full of discipline cases). They’re very good at getting away with it however, as the refs only seem to be calling fouls against Enoshima, none against Tsujidou.

So, by half time, things look rather dire: Enoshima is in the hole by two goals, and they’re down to ten men, as hot-headed striker Hino is provoked into two yellow cards, which means he’s out of the game and the lose one player for the rest of the match. Of course, you know this is when Kakeru and comic-relief support Kota go into the game. And so they do. For the moment, things continue to look bad, but the goalie switch, with the experienced third-year goalie Lee now protecting their goal, works to blunt the trick throw-in play that Tsujidou likes to use. Of course, it’s too early for the full comeback to occur, that will have to wait until the next episode. Read More... 


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