Knight In The Area Episode #19 Anime Review

Their game against Shonan High is not going too well. Araki has been shut down and the Four Rows defense of the team in green looks to be impenetrable. It gets worse when Kudo is injured by a kick from Hibino, one that is reminiscent of what Kakeru did to Hibino back in the distant past. So, Kakeru has to go into the game and face his past trauma.

As expected, cliche dictates that things have to go badly for Enoshima in this game, before they win it in the next episode, of course.

I don’t really have much more to say about this episode. There is plenty of soccer action, but little point in describing it. What the main focus of this episode was and the next one will be is the contest of wills between Kakeru and himself. Hibino is just the agent of Memory and Past Trauma, meant to force Kakeru to fight against himself. Kakeru will have to overcome his squeamishness and his guilt over what he did to Hibino years ago. Will he? It’s fairly obvious he will, as otherwise the show might as well end at episode 20. And we know that it will not, since we have the constant Greek chorus of opposing teams who are waiting in the wings. Two of Enoshima’s future opponents in particular are present at this match, and have been providing much better commentary than the shouting Captain Obvious at the microphone calling the game from the broadcast table. Read More... 


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