Knight In The Area Episode #20 Anime Review

So, it happened again. Kakeru is knocked out and it looks like "Suguru" will re-emerge. Why? Because Enoshima is behind and desperate for some offense. Fortunately, it’s not the same as last time. Instead of a personality switch, Kakeru is awake and conscious, but he can "hear" Suguru in his head, giving him advice. Instead of looking at his feet as always, Kakeru looks up and feels the ball.

As usual, there are the changes in momentum that mark matches such as this. Shonan goes ahead, but then Enoshima start playing better and get it back on a goal by Araki. Things get tense as time is running out in the second half. Of course, we know how this is going to end: with Kakeru doing his ball disappearing trick, which the Enoshima announcer names the Phi Trick, after ? the Greek letter, since the ball loops around the defender in the middle, while the attacker goes around the other side. Of course, Kakeru pulls the trick on Hibino, the crowd, including the players from other schools, stare in disbelief, and Kakeru goes on to score. So, Enoshima have defeated the Four Rows of Shonan High, and are now in the semifinals for Kanagawa. Read More... 


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