Necessary Roughness “All the King’s Horses” Review

Last year, Necessary Roughness went out with a bang. This year, it went out on a sweeter note. This season’s finale, "All the King’s Horses" saw a lot of plots threads come to a head, but perhaps none were as highly anticipated as the kiss between Dani and Nico. Not even Ray Jay getting busted for driving fifty pounds of pot around, knowing full well that his tail-light was broken. Criminally stupid, that one.

So, after not running over the little girl and not killing himself to avoid her, TK got blackmailed into rehab on pain of being fired from the Hawks, but once he got there, he ran into a music exec buddy who proceeded to lead him down an even darker path. He stayed in rehab for two days before busting out on horseback and picking up his downward spiral right where he’d left off. Not a great plan as it forced Dani to turn her back on him and ended up with the music exec ODing in TK’s bathroom. Maybe now he’ll actually get help. Read More... 


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