Saving Hope “The Law of Contagion” Review

Hello everyone! The regular reviewer for Saving Hope is unable to write the review this week, so I amfilling in for him. Some of you may recognize me from the comments I have written in response to previous reviews of this show, and others might know that I usually write a weekly TV Chat article. This week I am trying my hand at writing reviews.

Before I begin, I want to alert viewers that the next episode of Saving Hope will be on Saturday, September 1, at 9 pm EDT, 8 pm CDT. Yes, the show is being moved to Saturday for the last two episodes of season 1.

As background on me, I have watched this show from the beginning. I also happen to be a huge fan of Michael Shanks, and his presence is what brought me to the show. I do work hard to be totally objective, and as you will see, have no problem pointing out what I feel are shortcomings of the show. Read More... 


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