YuruYuri Episode #02 Review

After a fun opening episode that got us to know the girls, and really made me a big fan of Kyoko right from the start, the show brought in a bit of tension at the end about the use of the room coming to light after the acceptance of a fourth and cute member. With this episode, they’re getting ready to handle all of this but it comes with a very amusing revelation right from the start. Having Kyoko being the perverted young woman she is certainly provides for laughs, but making her the smartest in the class she’s in only adds to the cuteness of it all since causes Ayano nothing but stress and frustration. She has it in big time for Kyoko and every little thing Kyoko does just gets to her. And Kyoko knows how to do just that, and mocks her with it, such as talking about how she’s a far better stripper than Ayano. Read More...



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