Doctor Who “Asylum of the Daleks” Review

The seventh season premiere of Doctor Who, "Asylum of the Daleks," dropped The Doctor, Rory, and Amy into the heart of a Dalek criminal prison where they were forced into a mission after being captured by Daleks.

Despite The Doctor’s best efforts to convince the Universe that he had died on the shores of Lake Silencio, his greatest enemies, the Daleks, proved to be much more faithful to The Doctor’s legend than one might have expected. After all, they have battled him throughout time and space, so if anyone knows The Doctor’s record for surviving the impossible, it would be the Daleks.

All the historical versions of the Daleks were included at Dalek Parliament, including a new incarnation of the Dalek that we hadn’t seen before – the Dalek in human skin. They acted as spies and sleeper agents for the Daleks with the ability to access a memory database allowing them to give the impression of having emotions. Read More... 


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