Review: Breaking Bad Semi-Finale "Gliding Over All"

Warning:  This review contains spoilers.

I dreaded last night's Breaking Bad.  Mostly I just dreaded the interval of time between that episode and the kick off of the final half of the final season of Breaking Bad.  Watching "Gliding Over All" was a bittersweet experience to say the least.

After taking it all in, I kind of realized why so many people bristled at the final episode of LOST.  Not necessarily for what happened in that episode, but for what it symbolized most strongly:  no more LOST.   Ending a story populated with people that the fans care about is no easy task because you are asking them to be satisfied with the termination of something most of them are probably not ready to let go of.  Whatever the reasons for cutting Breaking Bad's final season in half like this, they probably involve money, the series has an additional hurdle to jump over.  Was the cut intriguingly done to the extend that the fans will somehow accept it? Read More...


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