The L.A. Complex Review: Baggage

Tonight's episode, "Stay," showcased a much lighter side of the series.  Even though there was a statue thrown, the episode didn't end with anyone overdosing, dying, or burning themselves with a tea kettle.  So, cheers for a less downer episode.  Of course, it wouldn't be The L.A. Complex if it wasn't ripe with drama at every turn.

Let's start with Beth and Simon.  After looking all over Los Angeles and enlisting Cam and Kevin for help, Simon turns up in Connor's new place.  And since Connor just lost his old makeshift family, he is primed to adopt a new one.  Poor Connor.  The guy just can't catch a break.  His character interests me because while he's so generous to those around him (keeping Eric around, getting everyone at the Lux pizza), his motives are so self-serving.  Raquel is right.  He really can't be alone, so wherever he goes, he attempts to create a family. Read More...


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