The LA Complex “Stay” Review – Family Matters

Continuing where we left off last week on The LA Complex, Simon (Michael Levinson) is still missing and Beth (Dayle McLeod) is (rightfully so) freaking out. With no sign of her little brother and the impeding threat that Eddie (Ennis Esmer) will call the cops if he’s not found by the end of his shift, Beth goes into super sleuth mode and comes up with nothing.

Raquel (Jewel Staite) is having major guilty feelings over causing a kid to overdose on Celebrity Halfway House. In a completely unselfish, un-Raquel move, she threatens to leave the show if the producers won’t get Zach (guest star Rhys Ward) actual help. Considering she’d be under breach of contract and would still be sued by the production company for Catabear, I didn’t think she’d go through with hertreats. Read More... 


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