'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan on Walt getting out and where the show might end

Not that he'd be telling anyway, but Vince Gilligan says he hasn't entirely figured out how "Breaking Bad" will end."You'd be surprised how little we have at this point, I hate to admit," Gilligan says with a laugh.Don't let that set off your alarm bells, though: Gilligan and his fellow "Breaking Bad" writers are hardly making it up as they go. As he tells it, they're having extensive discussion about the shape of the final eight episodes of the series, the right way to end it and the circumstances that take Walter White (Bryan Cranston) to the machine gun-buying, Denny's breakfast-eating state viewers glimpsed at the start of this season."We have the broad strokes of what all that means, the machine gun in the trunk of the Cadillac and all that, but it's the connective tissue that will tell the tale," Gilligan says. "It's the plumbing of it all, the laying of the pipe, that...



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