New season five titles revealed

New Season Five titles revealed

Friday - May 9, 2008 | by Darren Sumner

Three new episode titles from the back half of Stargate Atlantis's next season have been revealed! Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi shared the working titles with readers of his blog this week.

The second half of the season will kick off with "The Lost Tribe," the second half of the two-parter guest starring Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson"). Following that episode is "Inquisition," the very first Atlantis script by the show's script coordinator, Alex Levine.

Episode 13 is currently titled "Outsiders," written by Alan McCullough.

Episode 14 is "Prodigal," written by Carl Binder. The episode will be Atlantis's entry into the classic "Lower Decks" style, where the story follows someone other than the main cast members. (SG-1 did this with the sixth season episode "The Other Guys.")

Episode 15 is currently untitled, and will be written by Martin Gero. "Martin almost had himself a new story today," Mallozzi said. "I say almost because, after spinning out what he felt was a wonderfully exciting idea, Martin returned to his office and, in the process of writing it up, came to the conclusion that, hey, this concept has the potential to go wrong in so many different ways. So, he's back at Square #1."

Finally, Episode 16 will be written by Mallozzi, and is tentatively titled "Remnants."

Note that episode titles and airing order is subject to change as the episodes continue through the production process.


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