The World God Only Knows Season 2 Episode #04 Review

The introduction of Haqua in the previous episode managed to avoid some of the usual conventions that come with a friend from the past arriving as she’s not up to the same level as Elsie in terms of Loose Souls, even as Elsie feels like she’s failing horribly. That kind of resentment certainly has its place within Haqua’s heart and makes her meeting with Elsie kind of difficult, though she managed to work past it as she then ended up working closely with Keima who saw right through her. Keima’s ability to both put someone on guard and yet at ease is amusing to watch because he’s able to just say it like it is most of the time, when it suits his purposes at least. What frustrates Haqua the most though is that even though she has made these five captures, she still comes across as completely inept, a fact that makes Haqua feel even worse about how little she’s progressed. Read More... 


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