The World God Only Knows Season 2 Episode #10 Review

As the series gets closer to the end of the season, the story being worked here is a pretty interesting one so far. The use of a student teacher gives us someone outside of the school realm again but still young enough to be within an interesting range rather than it being an older woman. Though there is some curiosity as to how that would play out. Could Keima add a cougar to his conquest list? Do his games give him the skills necessary to deal with a woman like that? Color me curious as I apparently imagining the adult version of the show. With Jun, we do get the attractive student teacher angle going and it’s a cute stereotype overall, especially as so many students adore her as she does the traditional things. And her enthusiasm for helping others like Keima is pretty apparent as well, though things go a bit over the top when we see how many games he has around his desk as she tries to help him. Read More... 


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