Yurumate3Dei Episode #01 Anime Review

Based off of the manga by saxyun, which had an OVA for this last year as well, Yurumates is a new short-form anime series that runs three minutes each week. The show plays up the four panel comic mode well here and just does its best to hit its marks as it introduces us to Yurume, an eighteen year old student who has come to Tokyo to go through cram school so she can get into college. She’s a bit marveled by how varied Tokyo is from the start, being able to see the mountains and all from the train she gets off at, but she’s less than marveled by her new apartment complex, Maison Du Wish. It has the hallmarks of the dilapidated building on the outside but seems normal inside. The elderly matron who runs the place is comical from the start as well as she sweeps away while noting that nobody who stays here has ever passed their exam. Shades of Maison Ikkoku to be sure. Even worse for Yurume is that she discovers that the people that do live here have easy access to each others rooms and there’s a whole lot of drinking going on. Watching her as she’s little more than wide-eyed disbelieving of things is very cute. It sets things up well enough but doesn’t get a chance to really get into much other than surface level looks at it all. Read More...



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