Yurumate3Dei Episode #02 Anime Review

The story of Yurume kicked off cutely enough in the first episode as it showcased her moving to the big city and discovering that her new place is going to have its challenges with who lives there. Obviously at three minutes a whack it doesn’t go in depth, but it was cute and plays the four panel comic style to good effect. Such as kicking off this episode with her doing the whole master/servant gig as a joke before getting called out on it by Sai. Sai gets her way with Yurume easily enough by cutting her hair incredibly short, but it’s really Yurume that is the true victor here as she puts the very dour Sai in the maid outfit with all of its white and pinkness. It’s utterly adorable in a way that it shouldn’t be. But as you can expect, the show kind of just goes for the basic gags from there but the real fun is watching how quickly Yurume has fit into this crowd as she already looks very jaded, especially with that short cut. Read More...



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