Yurumate3Dei Episode #03 Anime Review

Having seen how easily Yurume fit into this particular low rent home while off at school, she ended up taking it to a whole other level with the haircut she got and how quickly she gained a personality that fit it. While she seemed like she might be the normal girl who was trapped with a small complex of weirdoes, she’s quickly become one of the weirdoes and even has some of the others getting a bit tired of her in a way. Take this episode where she’s decided to hide in a box and play a game with that, though Kumi gets really caught up in it when she’s told that Yurume has gone missing. The trio that gets involved are just goofy and you can get the kind of sense of humor they have and that it’s the type that will make them laugh very, very hard themselves but mostly because nobody else gets the gag. And that kind of laughter can be infectious. Read More...



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