Yurumate3Dei Episode #04 Anime Review

The introduction of Matsukichi at the end of the last episode serves as the launch point here as the girls decide to go on an "Ask Matsukichi" game, but it doesn’t quite go as planned since even Yurume kicks things off by saying that he’s not all that interesting and there’s no reason to ask him questions. Instead, they go towards coming up with all sorts of bizarre things about him, from manipulating his name to talking about what he was in a past life. Suffice to say, their view of his past and present is not flattering in the slightest and it’s just a quick series of verbal abuses on the young man who does at least try to push back. When he talks about his future, it’s filled with hope, but it doesn’t take much for everyone else to shoot him down in amusing and quick ways. Read More...



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