Yurumate3Dei Episode #08 Anime Review

With the hot weather hitting the residents of Maison du Wish, sometimes the smallest pleasures can make life a whole lot more bearable. Such as Yurume playing with the fan at the start here as she alternates hot and cold. What it segues into is the colder nights hitting as well which has her conflicted about the blankets to use since you want the heavier and warmer ones, but they’re brutal during th eday. Which is shown to good effect as she loses her bed to Kumi, who abuses her privilege. While it is getting closer to the cooler months, the disparity of the weather is really messing with them as it even has Yurume getting her winter wardrobe out far too early. Especially since she’s convinced the hot days will go away… Naturally, the other residents decide to bet on it and that leads to some silly responses and an amusing way of trying to resolve the bet. Read More...



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