Yurumate3Dei Episode #09 Anime Review

There are times that Yurume is like too many people I know. Not so much myself, which in a lot of ways I have to consider a blessing the more I see of her. This episode in particular hits a few familiar notes as she’s made it clear that she’s not going to leave her kotatsu for the day, which is a goal that many people do have. Of course, things turn pretty rough for her when she camps out with it in her small kitchen space only to get the whole thing stuck in it. Even worse, Kumi gets stuck under it, making the situation even worse, though still bearable just because of how these characters are. It’s certainly cute when you get down to it, but you wonder how she got it there. What really amuses though is the way the tabletop aspect of it gets used after things go wrong and the kind of trouble that it can cause. Read More...



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