Yurumate3Dei Episode #13 Anime Review

While the show has focused a lot on Yurume and how she’s handled coming to the big city and school, it hasn’t done too much with the rest of the cast in terms of who they are and where they come from .That changes a bit here as we get a look at Sae’s room, which is a huge hoarders dream to be sure. Unfortunately, she can’t be like she usually is as he sister is coming to visit and their family is very strict as she relates to Yurume. And that has them all helping her to clean her place up so it can be proper and respectable. Which is hard with these kinds of friends but there’s a lot of fun in the whole process, especially with what they do with everything in the short term. Sae’s so intent on coming across well here that everyone else takes a back seat, which isn’t bad when you get down to it. Sae stands out well here and her sister is just plain adorable. Read More...



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