Yurumate3Dei Episode #15 Anime Review

The shows shift in dynamic due to the arrival of Sae’s younger sister has been fun since it changed things up a little and gave Sae more face time with who she actually is. She definitely has her cute moments as we see as she gets a new package in the mail from her parents which is basically a magical girl wand. It’s adorable seeing her play with it, but her sister gets a hold of it too and she’s even cuter about it. The episode spends some time on how you stop collecting certain things when you grow up, but it’s hard to say that these characters are growing up in the slightest based on what we’ve seen before and what they do now. Matsukichi in particular takes it a step further too both in the stick he brings to the party and when he gets his hand on the wand itself, leading to moments where you have to admire the way he’s so open in playing with it. Read More...



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