Yurumate3Dei Episode #21 Anime Review

Whether you’re young or old, it’s always good to dream. Sometimes what inspire the dreams is kind of silly or banal, such as Yurume’s idea here of having a lot of money in order for it to not be fall so she could eat whatever foods she wants. It’s a big game of "what if" here that goes into play as they’re all asked what they would do if they had a hundred thousand yen. Seeing their dreams if they had a lot of money is amusing in its simplicity, from new bedroom sets to just bathing in the money. They take it a bit further in asking what kind of psychic powers they’d want and how they’d apply them, which is definitely cute. Like their money dreams, there’s some basic banality to how they’d use it, but it fits the show and you have to grin and be scared at the same time. Read More...



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