Campione! Episode #02 Anime Review

Campione certainly had its own bit of style in the first episode and went with some big ideas as it pushed us into Italy and gave us a lead male character that seemed like he was taking on a god-like level in some ways. With events turning him into Campione, the killer of kings and the like, it’s an amusing position to be put in since he is still just a young man overall. His defeat of the god in the previous episode was one where it had some great action, designs and a sense of color and style that worked exceptionally well for me. But it was also something that felt like it could fall short or just fall apart entirely depending on how it plays out. A lead like Kusanagi is something that feels more like a throwback a decade or more in that while he has goofy moments, he’ll also have strong moments throughout. After most of the last decade being focused on the meager characters for male leads, I’m enjoying this slowly changing trend. Read More... 


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