Campione! Episode #03 Anime Review

With Erica now in the same school as Kusanagi, the show has a good bit of fun with it since she’s quite the hot ticket there. Boys and girls alike are into her because of how she carries herself and her foreign beauty that’s quite striking. Of course, they also don’t care much for Kusanagi as they start to think the two of them are an item and that’s just so not what they want when the imagine Erica. For her part, Erica kind of enjoys it and deals with it well, not really giving into to it all but certainly flattered by the attention and taking it all in. It’s a cute way of handling things and it avoids things like wild, flailing protestations on either of their parts over what’s being said about them. It keeps it a bit more mellow, which feels right since the flip side is that Kusanagi is someone that’s killed a god. Read More... 


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