Campione! Episode #06 Anime Review

With the show having settled down a little bit even after adding a few characters, events can move quickly here because of its origins and how the original story worked. With this episode, there’s not much in the way of actual lead up to events but rather that things just get underway, which is actually appreciated as it means we don’t get several minutes of pointless silliness and fluff. What’s happened here, following events from the previous episode, is that Duke Voban has had Yuri kidnapped and brought to him. With him being one of the three oldest Campione’s out there, the danger level is pretty high and from what little we’ve seen of him so far, he has a definite air of violence and dread about him in a way that may be just a bit too campy but works well in the confines of this series and its mythos so far. Read More... 


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