Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #04 Review

After the way Takano pushed through in getting together with Ritsu after a very long day, forcing a deep and hungry kiss on Ritsu ended up going the wrong way. While Takano had hoped that it would cause Ritsu to really come around with him, to realize that he does have feelings for him after his weak protestations about having a girlfriend, it instead pushed him further away, for the moment at least, as Ritsu does everything he can to get out from under his grasp. It’s a rough moment to watch because Takano’s forcefulness isn’t exactly a surprise after all that has gone on, and he hopes that by doing this he’ll get Ritsu to admit what his real feelings are, but it ends up backfiring on him for the short term at least. Having Yokozawa show up in the middle of all this just makes it all the more embarrassing on a few levels, though at least it makes his escape more manageable. Read More... 


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