Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #10 Review

The return to the less than interesting couple isn’t a surprise as the series gets closer to the end. Chiaki has been recovering well for the most part from recent incidents and he finds himself spending a bit of time with Yuu over the course of it. Yuu is a big of a schemer in a way as he spends his time with him drawing sketches of Chiaki that are quite good, but it’s when Chiaki nearly falls over that we see a more explicit move on Yuu’s part as he holds him tight and pats him down slightly. The look in both their eyes is amusing, but the look in Yuu’s eyes moments later when Hattori walks in and sees this is priceless. It’s the look of someone who has sunk his teeth into his prey and is making it clear that he’s marking his territory. Read More... 


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