Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #22 Anime Review

With the focus turned back on Onodera and Takano, it has a good bit of fun to it after th eups and downs that have happened. For Onodera, he’s still kind of all over the map with his feelings about things and uncertain of where it is that he wants to go with them. Takano is doing his best to push him in the direction he wants and is fairly forceful in his presence in doing so, which is amusing to watch since he knows exactly what he wants. But Onodera continues to waffle in the wind over it, especially when he’s pushed about it while at work. That’s the last place that Onodera wants to even think about it, especially as the pressure is ramping up with some projects there and the way he’s going to have to spend more time working with Yokozawa over it. Read More... 


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