Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #23 Anime Review

With Yokozawa having said a few key things to Onodera about his quasi-relationship with Takano, it left things in a bad state when Takano actually arrived on the scene and Onodera kind of went off on it. It’s a natural thing since Onodera doesn’t want to hurt him to be sure, but he’s also feeling very confused, conflicted and hurt himself by the way things have gone. So lashing out like he did and stating that all he wants to do is to just focus on his job is a pretty natural reaction, one that cuts a bit hard for Takano though. But he’s not an oblivious guy and he knows that it has to have come from somewhere, and that somewhere must be Yokozawa himself. With the kind of relationship the two have had over the years, there’s issues to be had there and Yokozawa’s position is understandable, but it’s one that’s causing a lot of the grief that’s hitting at the moment. Read More... 


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