Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #24 Anime Review

With the end of the season, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi does something that’s definitely a good thing by going and looking back at the leads younger days. And specifically that of Takano and Onodera. As we’ve seen that the two have had a relationship of sorts in high school and the confusion that came about when the series started due to Onodera’s name change, spending some time going back to that period of their lives and looking at it fresh is useful. We’ve had the smattering of impressions here and there over the course of it, done in a somewhat hazy and cute sort of way, but here we get to have things done in a bit clearer and more straightforward fashion as they go about their lives as young men trying to figure out what it is they want and who they are. Read More... 


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