Big Brother 14 Day 56 POV Recap: History Repeated Itself For The Umpteenth Time This Season

Frank, Frank, Frank. How can you be one of the best players in Big Brother history if you continue to end up on the block and get duped by Dan three to four weeks in a row?

I pose that question, because despite all the praise Frank has gotten so far this season, he's not really the brightest player in the game. Before Mike Boogie left, Frank was only a strong player due to Mike Boogie being the brains of their operation, a sentiment that has grown more clear since Boogie left the house two weeks ago. Every since then, Frank has let Dan dupe him not once, but twice, resulting in what has to be one of the most anticipated evictions all season tomorrow night. Best believe if Mike Boogie had of still been in the house, Dan's highly praised "hail mary" from last week would not have went past its planning stages. Read More...


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