'The Office' Season 9 pics: Meet new employees Clark Duke and Jake Lacy

The final season of "The Office" will introduce two new cast members, and you can take a look at them right here. Mostly.In the second row in the conference room sit Clark Duke ("Greek") and Jake Lacy ("Better With You"), who are playing two guys hired to fill Kelly's (Mindy Kaling) customer-service job -- and make up for all the time Kelly didn't spend working. That's Duke with the glasses, and Lacy's head is poking up behind Oscar's (Oscar Nunez).Also: Andy (Ed Helms) is either really excited or really shocked about something.The Season 9 premiere is called "Workplace Bullying," and while NBC hasn't released a synopsis yet, we have to believe it involves this interactin between Duke's character, also named Clark, and Dwight (Rainn Wilson). Because, come on, how often does Dwight just hand something to someone without an ulterior motive?Take note of the background in this picture. It looks like Nellie (Catherine Tate) has...



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