NBC's 'Go On' review: Can 'Community' happen twice? Can Matthew Perry?

Audiences want something very specific from Matthew Perry: They want "Friends." Not something "Friends"-like, they want that actual show, and are pretty satisfied catching Perry in the countless reruns that air on a constant loop all the time. They just want him to be Chandler Bing and married to Monica and making could-I-be-any-more-sarcastic comments until the end of time. It's just not a realistic expectation. Shows get canceled and we have to move on. Such are the perils of falling in love with six BFFs who don't really exist.Perry's challenge, since then, has been to find a show that can highlight his talents the way that "Friends" did. Perry is certainly not a one-trick pony; he's a comedic master and his work on shows like "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and even ABC's short-lived "Mr. Sunshine" proves that he's not just Chandler Bing. He does, however, work best as part of an ensemble. With...



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