Big Brother Spoilers - 9/10/2012 - And Your POV Winner Is ...

Big happenings in the Big Brother house this past week.  By now you know that Ian won HOH and put Shane and Jenn up on the block.  Shane believes he is a pawn, but Ian has every intent of breaking up the duo of Shane and Danielle.  This is your Big Brother spoiler report for 9/10/2012.

In a very close POV competition Shane won the Power of Veto. Even though Shane trusts that he is a pawn, he is still very likely to use the POV on himself, Ian has already said he will put Danielle up in his place.  Somehow Ian has convinced Shane and Danielle that Jenn is his target.

Thus far, Ian still trusts Dan for a final two deal, even though it will become immediately clear with this Wednesday's eviction that Ian and Dan are working together.  Then again, the list of things I thought would be clear to the Big Brother house-guests that actually became clear is pretty short.

With Dan's dirty game play this season how can he even suggest he would win in a final two?  It seems like the Jury house is already filled with people that Dan has screwed over this season.  With that in mind, Dan in the final two would make for the most anti-climatic Big Brother finale in history. Dan's lack of honor and even self-respect would probably earn him a drubbing in any final two competition.

If it becomes clear to the house that Dan and Ian lied, again, concerning their intent with nominations then there will be a 50/50 chance that both of them will be nominated should Jenn or Shane win HOH, with Dan being the most likely to go home.

If Dan or Ian win HOH then Jenn and Shane would be nominated with Shane being evicted.  In this scenario it is simply a matter of evicting the strongest player. In reality, if Dan has ANY chance of winning it would be against Ian, who has made some enemies himself.


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