Final Exam Interview with 'Top Model' Cast-Off Darian Ellis: 'I Didn't Try To Be Someone I'm Not'

Last Friday, the competition kicked into high fashion gear on America's Next Top Model: College Edition. The girls were given the opportunity to accept or deny their makeovers. Maria Tucker of Harvard University opted out and ultimately left the show. With another model gone, the question on everyone's mind was, "Will someone be eliminated?" Unfortunately, yes and that someone was Darian Ellis of LSU.

Sure, Darian may have been somewhat swept under the drama radar, keeping her less talked about versus other models, but her eyes were steadily focused on the ultimate prize of model swag. She expresses, "I didn't try to be someone I'm not," and anyone could easily see that. With a strong walk and signature pouty lips, Darian shed her braids and left a mark on this wild and wacky Top Model cycle.

I had the opportunity to give Darian a "final exam" interview, following her stint on the show. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight with us!


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