Doctor Who “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Review

Everything about this week’s episode of Doctor Who, "Dinosaurs on a Space Ship," was youthful, adventurous, and whimsical. The Doctor forms a sort of historical human super-gang which includes an Egyptian queen, a big game hunter, and the Ponds (plus an extra Williams.) Together, they try to solve the mystery behind a Silurian spaceship loaded with spiders, dinosaurs, and wise-cracking robots before the ISA blows the whole thing up.

Solomon, the unscrupulous space trader, was a clear cut villain. He’s the kind of unambiguous bad guy that you expect to see in children’s stories and he was the kind of villain that made you cheer when your heroes eventually defeated him. Solomon didn’t flinch when telling The Doctor about how he slowly killed off all the Silurians on the spaceship, and he thought of Queen Nefertiti as an object for sale. Worst of all, he mercilessly killed an innocent bystander, The Doctor’s friendly Triceratops – just to prove a point. The Doctor has has his moments of mercy, but there wasn’t anything redeeming about Solomon to deserve leniency this time around. Read More... 


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