Copper “The Empty Locket” Review

This week’s episode of Copper, "The Empty Locket," added a flame of fury to Corcoran’s usual investigative spark, as he attempted to trace the steps of his missing wife after her old locket turned up around Molly’s neck. Unfortunately, the path he was tracking didn’t quite get him the answers he was looking for.

There was a lot of lying and manipulation happening in tonight’s episode – so much so that it was sometimes impossible to tell if anyone but Corcoran was telling the truth at at all. Madame Grendel’s sister, Mrs. Luckworth, lied about the ledger book; Francis paid the pawn shop owner to lie to Corcoran; Molly lied to Francis about the locket; the Moorehouses lied to their pastor about buying Five Points; Molly lied to Eva about Corcoran; and after Eva slit Molly’s throat, she lied about it being a suicide. Read More... 


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