'Bachelor Pad' finale: Nick Peterson and Rachel Trueheart -- did they split the money?

In an interview with host Chris Harrison, he teased that they had to come up with a different word to describe this year's "Bachelor Pad" finale - "disturbing," as opposed to "dramatic." So needless to say, we're chomping at the bit to find out what goes down. The panel of evicted contestants are introduced -- what in the heck is Jamie wearing? She's like if H&M was putting out a line of Native American princess chic. And also, Erica Rose's hair looks 1000x better than it did on the show. Blondes rarely look good with that platinum, trashy color. That nice honey color is so much better.After a pointless video recap, we learn that Kalon/Lindzi are still going strong, so that's cool. Of course Erica must stick her giant $0.02 in, telling Lindzi to be careful and that she sees Kalon around town with different girls all the time. The Hot SeatWe start the silly...



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