The L.A. Complex Review: The Ideal Life

That's right.  The L.A. Complex just went there.  We've entered into Scientology territory and I hope the series never goes back.  I don't know that I've ever been more excited for a show to tackle a storyline.  And here I was thinking that the whole Connor/long lost sister thing was going to be boring! 

In tonight's "Help Wanted," everyone is asserting themselves in some unique way.  Beth's helping out the hot blonde with her S.A.T.s, Raquel is inflicting her lack of waitressing skills on some poor restaurant patrons, Kal enlists Abby for album help with ulterior Tariq motives, and Connor's "sister" Charlotte thinks she knows just the thing to cure what ales Connor.  And she couldn't be more right!  Remember that episode where Connor almost got sucked in while him and Raquel were walking around Hollywood? Read More...


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