Review - Sons of Anarchy - 5.01 "Sovereign"

Usually by the fifth season of any show reviews contain platitudes like "better than ever" or "back in form", in the worst case "hanging in there" or "limping along".  The fact is, few shows get to a fifth season and still have enough gas in the tank—pun intended—to get much further.  I won't lie, at the end of Sons of Anarchy's fourth season I was a little concerned that SOA might be running out of pavement.  Romeo and Luis turning out to be high ranking CIA collaborators made for a sort of Deus ex machina, thwarting  Lincoln Potter's perfectly executed plan to put the Sons behind bars for ever, and subsequently preventing the death of Clay at the hands of Jax.  By the time the big twist came the momentum was so strong that it was hard to see SOA ending in any way that didn't include the death of Clay, and the arrest of the Sons themselves.  Killing that momentum with such a left field plot twist definitely was not one of SOA's best moments creatively.  But all shows have their glitches—Remember the episode of Breaking Bad where Walt burned up the entire episode trying to swat a fly?—and the best shows are certainly entitled to theirs, as long as they prove they can recover.  Good news, SOA recovered and is "back in form" and "better than ever". Read More...


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