'Teen Mom' reunion, part 2: Did Ryan and Maci cheat...with each other?


Tonight (Sept. 11) was the original "Teen Mom" cast's very last reunion special, and they signed off with a bang. First there was Maci's bombshell that her angelic boyfriend, Kyle, cheated on her . Kyle! But was he the only one? More on that shortly. First, Maci told Dr. Drew Pinsky that she'd left Kyle after discovering flirty Facebook exchanges between Kyle and three (3) other girls on her computer. "I didn't give him a chance to explain," Maci said sadly. "There was no reason to have a conversation. I just packed my stuff and left." The most heartbreaking aspect of this whole dirty business is that Kyle and Maci's son, Bentley, haven't seen each other since she walked out. And Bentley, who dotes on Kyle, hasn't even asked about him. Ouch! Dr. Drew barely gave Kyle a chance to defend himself, much less follow up on Maci's hints that the two should at least...



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