The L.A. Complex “Help Wanted” Review

Ever since it debuted, I haven’t been able to tell if The L.A. Complex is a ridiculously exaggerated picture of life in Los Angeles…or if I’m just not doing California right. I didn’t think about that until I was asked to cover this week’s episode, "Help Wanted, and I really had to examine what I’ve been watching for the past few months, instead of just treating it like the weekly guilty pleasure that it is.

All right, first of all, who called Connor’s faux-sister’s game as being some sort of take on a certain institution that is endorsed by Tom Cruise the second she started railing on him for taking his much-needed medication? Wow. I mean, they can change all the names they want, but we know what they’re talking about; we’re aware. As far as this being true to life in L.A….no comment. Of course, we also know that Connor’s happiness is doomed to be short-lived. Now, I just want to know how the chick pulled off the DNA test. Deep pockets, I assume. Again…no comment. Read More... 


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