The New Normal “Pilot” Review

There’s a lot to take in with The New Normal, created by Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler,but if there’s one thing you must know is that subtlety is out of the window with this show. The New Normal makes it a point to drill it into your head that yes, everyone is allowed to love and same-sex couples shouldn’t be judged. The message of the show is a good one, but it’s just so darn preachy about it!

I suppose being preachy might be necessary, seeing how Utah wasn’t going to air the show at one point. There are also a lot of people in the United States who could use some verbal bludgeoning when it comes to this message of love. But for those of us who already support same-sex marriage, the show can come off as a little heavy-handed, despite its good intentions. Read More... 


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