The New Normal Interview: Justin Bartha, Georgia King and Andrew Rannells On The Utah Scandal and the Definition of Normal

For Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha and Georgia King, the stars of the upcoming NBC family-focused sitcom The New Normal, the controversy surrounding their show is largely unwarranted. The show focuses on a single mother (King) who decides to become a surrogate for a same-sex couple (Rannells, Bartha) wanting to start a family and the three leads were available for a conference call, giving TV Equals their feelings about the show and how they feel about the controversy.

The reality of families

The show might be seen as innovative in terms of the type of family that’s at it’s center. However, the core of the show is similar to other family-friendly shows in that it exhibits the universal idea of unique individuals coming together to create a family unit. Read More... 


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