'Big Brother 14': An eviction and a new Head of Household


When "Big Brother 14" kicks off and Julie Chen informs us the hamsters have no idea she's there, she's not joking. At the taping of this eviction episode, the houseguests were caught totally off guard by Julie and the live audience -- Shane didn't have pants on. At least no one was in the shower. Post NominationsShane and Jenn are on the block, not that it really matters that much once everyone plays for Veto. Jenn expresses disbelief that Dan keeps staying off the block -- no kidding, girl. It's called the Dan Mist. He's like a warlock or something. Meanwhile, Shane has no idea that he's the real target. And in the on-going saga that is Danielle being delusional about a showmance, Danielle is starting to think maybe Shane is just not that into her. Uh, ya think?Power of VetoThe POV is flying through the air and assembling a puzzle. Every 20 seconds your...



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