Scandal Sneak Peek: The Man of the People?

After toying with the idea of being together once and for all, Olivia and Fitz parted ways last season on Scandal. Once she managed to help him get his image back in order, the political fixer from Pope & Associates turned in her badge and walked away from the White House. It made for a pretty crushing blow for an already promising season, the definition of putting the welfare of one's country before oneself, and added a bit of complexity to the upcoming second season. Olivia won't be able to stay away from the White House and an awkward, chemistry-filled interaction with the Commander-in-Chief seems to be in the imminent future.

In a sneak peek from the second season premiere of Scandal ("White Hat's Off"), Olivia's back on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, only this time she's not with the President. Rather, she's meeting Cyrus to discuss a lavish vacation that Fitz was caught taking - all bodyguards, yachts, and other status symbols, it might not have been the best idea in such a rough economic period. Particularly when the last scandal that involved him had to be squashed through lies and media manipulation thanks to Mellie. It became obvious last season that he didn't have the passion for the office anymore, but would he resort to (deliberate?) self-sabotage to force himself out of office? Or is this merely an oversight as a result of not having a media savvy presence on his team? Read More....


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