'X Factor': Jillian Jensen and Demi Lovato share emotional bond

Along with new judge Britney Spears, pop star Demi Lovato was a new addition to the "X Factor" panel. She was just kind of there for the first half of the show, which was definitely stolen by Ms. Spears, but Demi got quite the touching moment with Jillian Jensen's audition. The 19-year-old from Massachusetts was incredibly emotional, because Lovato has been an inspiration and role model for her because of being bullied in junior high and high school for being different. If that weren't enough, Jillian launched into a rendition of "Who You Are" by Jessie J that left nary a dry eye in the house. Simon Cowell even seemed a little choked up and we're not sure we've ever seen that happen before on one of these shows. After her performance, the judges were lavishing Jillian with praise and she couldn't really take it -- she started sobbing and Demi went up on stage...



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