'Damages' series finale: So is Ellen Parsons dead or what?


"Damages" concluded its five-season run Sept. 12 in a 70-minute, action-packed thrill ride -- with no commercial interruptions -- on DirecTV's Audience Network. So after teasing Ellen's (Rose Byrne) apparent murder in flash-forwards all seasons, was she really pushed off the roof by a deranged pigeon? Or the hit man who didn't get it right the first time? There is one shocking murder in the finale, "But You Don't Do That Anymore," but it isn't Ellen. She collapsed on the ground because of health problems related to stress...and her pregnancy! But before that... The big early reveal was that Rutger Simon (John Hannah) plotted the whole thing to take down Channing (Ryan Phillippe playing vapid to perfection -- if that's what he was aiming for) a year ago. He worked with Torben (William Sadler) and Herreshoff (Victor Garber) to hack Naomi's (Jenna Elfman) personal email with the help of the Samurai -- downloading everything but...



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