Kristen Stewart Was Scared Of Her 'Love Dance' In 'On The Road'

Whether it's brooding as Bella Swan, rock-n-rolling as Joan Jett, or getting gross and gritty in "Welcome to the Rileys," there's no question that Kristen Stewart can handle just about any on-screen activity a director can throw at her. Which is why we were a teensy bit shocked to hear that when it came to filming "On the Road," the veteran actress was petrified of...dancing? Really?

"We rehearsed it a lot," Kristen said of the scene that features her and on-screen husband Garrett Hedlund doing a sweaty, intimate shimmy on a crowded dance floor. "It just scared me so much."

Part of the freakout factor? The way the scene played out in the book, where author Jack Kerouac's description began and ended with the words "love dance."

"What is a love dance?" Kristen asked, exasperatedly. "I mean, that's just so intimidating."

But despite her self-described status as a non-dancer, the actress did her best to get comfortable with the movement and music by rehearsing with her partner — even though ultimately, the dance wasn't choreographed at all.

"Me and Garrett would get together every weekend and dance to incredibly fast jazz music," she explained, "And at first it was really embarrassing and ridiculous and horrible, let me tell you."

And there's more to this interview—for instance, KStew's confession that she was red-faced and on the verge of fainting after filming the scene four times—but can we just talk about the part where sweaty jazz dancing with Garrett Hedlund every weekend was just described as "horrible"? Because, to quote the marvelous Inigo Montoya, we do not think that word means what you think it means.

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